Using Your Existing Foam Processing Equipment For Applying Polyurea Coatings

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Today we will discuss using your existing foam processing equipment for applying polyurea coatings.
Your spray foam equipment is your most a valuable and useful tool when  using it to apply other products such as polyurea it can increase your profits widen your customer base and allow you to offer a technology your competitors don't provide understanding the basics of processing polyurea and how to use your spray foam equipment to apply it are essential most polyurethane foam proportioners typically have a maximum processing pressure capability of up to 2,000 psi.
They also have smaller primary heaters which need to be considered when using your spray foam equipment to apply polyurea is essential to note that polyurea is achieved their best physical properties when processed at high pressures those more fabulous than 3000 psi and temperatures greater than 160 degrees Fahrenheit as you know to achieve quality spray foam less pressure ]and lower temperatures are needed when you have a polyuria application under consideration is important to consult
your supplier to get guidance on ensuring your spray foam equipment is capable of manufacturing a strong enough
polyurea for the surface environment in which the polyuria will be performing examples of applications where the spray foam equipment can apply polyurea include spray and bedliners waterproofing corrosion protection of steel and several other applications where machines capable of higher pressures and temperatures are required include chemical resistant secondary containment high abrasive areas potable water coatings internal tank linings blast mitigation and other applications were settling for anything less than the most optimum strength polyuria is not acceptable when using your spray foam proportion air to process poly areas you will need to turn up your pressures to the machine's maximum capability which is typically 2,000 psi you will also need to adjust the primary heaters and hose heat settings to 170 degrees Fahrenheit polyurea is a and components require more impingement
Image result for Using Your Existing Foam Processing Equipment For Applying Polyurea Coatingsmixing than foams it is common practice to use a lower output mixing chamber this will increase the impingement
mixing of the two components within the mixing chamber it will also allow more residence time the a and B components as they travel slower through the primary heater remember temperature is important with some polyuria formulas a 10 degree temperature difference can affect your finished polyurea strength by as much as
15 to 20 percent depending on your proportioners heater wattage capacity it may be necessary to increase the
product temperature in their containers before processing approximately 24 hours before you begin to heat the product with power blankets heat bands a hot box surrounding the drums or only warming the area where the products are stored as with all products it is good practice to keep the containers off of steel or concrete floors when trying to keep the material warm spray foam air purge guns will produce an active enough pol area
for some of the primary applications as we noted previously as long as the right the mixing chamber and adjustments are made to your processing settings on the
proportioner with polyurea technology it is important to note that just because a machine and spray gun can
process and apply a polyurea and then it becomes tap free that does not mean that is what should be used for the expected the service performance of that product one
change always affects everything else it is essential to understand and follow this when preparing for polyuria
applications additionally as with spray foam to field measure the polyureas reactivity profile always reference your supplier's technical datasheets for processing requirements and gel intact free times thank you for watching this how to do it with an spi educational video

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